ABC tap connectors

Connector of plastic with inserted contact plates, suitable for installation on live lines
On the basis of 2 decades of experience in the manufacture of ABC tap connectors, a new modular concept was introduced in 1990.
Its various options allow for universal application of the connectors.
– IPC’s can be fitted with end caps (optional) to give added protection to the conductor cores. The caps are supplied pre-filled with sealant.
– The contact area around the blades is filled with high quality grease: corrosion protection.
– A new type of impregnated foam sealant provides longterm moisture protection and shock protection in accordance with international standards (withstand of voltage 6 kV).
– Available also with shearhead for torque control.
contact plates: copper alloy
body: fiberglass-reinforced plastic material
pressure plates and bolts: steel, hot galvanized