LV-network switch for HRC fuses

DIN NH-00, 4-pole

LV-network switch for insulated
low-voltage overhead lines
technical data
3-phase switch with linked neutral and reversible switch lid.
rating with NH-Fuses: 160 A max. load
rating with switch blades: 245 A max. load
incoming: 1 × 6-95 mm²
outgoing: 2 × 6-95 mm²
torque: 12 Nm
degree of protection: IP 23
utilisation category: AC-20
weatherproof housing: black, of robust UV- and age-resistant highquality fiberglass-reinforced polymeric compound.
contacts: tinned copper
terminals: Al-alloy
steel parts: hot-galvanized

no. 350 250 100


position closed
Reversible switch lid with clipped-in fuses attached on short hinge.
park position open circuit
Reversible switch lid with clipped-in fuses attached on long hinge. The yellow marking indicates the position “open circuit“. The fuses – or switch blades – stay inside the lid and are therefore weatherproof protected.
position ready for short-circuit
or outgoing circuits can be shorted by a separate shorting device being carried by a special red shorting lid.