ABC-network switch for HRC fuses

DIN NH 1-2, single-pole

To be installed in ABC systems or on plain overhead lines on crossarms, with brackets on poles or houses. With special strain plate even in-line installation.
As fuse switch in single systems especially for export. As sectionalizer with link or fuse.
Switch can also be used for 2, 3 or more pole functions when mounted side by side.
technical data
with NH 1 - 2 fuse: 400 A max. load
with solid switch-blade (link):
400 A max. load
nominal operating voltage: max. 500 V
utilization Category: AC 21 B
with fully-insulated terminal on both sides for 50–240 mm² Al/Cu conductors.
Weatherproof housing: black, of robust UV- and age-resistant high quality fiberglass-reinforced polymeric compound.
contacts: silver-coated copper
terminals: Al-alloy
steel parts: hot-dip galvanized

no. 350 258 001