B-tool is the tool to assemble cable cleats on a straight or round pole, without damaging these (by drilling, sawing etc.)
The B-tools are universal and can be used for all types of cable cleats.
The B-tool can also be used to assemble other products on straight or round poles.
B-tools can be assembled by using a steel tie.
You can turn the B-tool inside or outside, depending the diameter of the pole, as shown on the picture next side.
Polyamide, fiberglass-reinforced, black, resistance to UV rays, salt water, ozone, oils, fuels, alkalis and radioactive rays, halogen free, fully recyclable.


Cable clamp on straight pole
Cable clamp on round pole
type L B I D S H
  mm mm mm mm mm mm
500019 S 60 35 12,5 5 26–2 32
500020 L 80 42 14,5 6 40–2 34

→ type S

- for ST: 18-26, 26-38, 36-52, 50-76

- for TRI eco: 24-35, 33-46

- for UNI: 3x 13/32, 4x 13/32, 3x 30/47, 4x 30/47

→ type L

- for ST: 75-100, 100-130

- for TRI: 25-40, 38-53, 53-66, 67-82, 82-90

→ Other cross-sections on request.

Technical values can change. No responsibility is therefore taken for correctness.