Cable clamp

Cable clamps are suitable for fitting single- and multiple-conductor low- medium and high voltage cables with a nominal outer diameters from 18 up to 130 mm-
tested by KEMA Netherland, SGS Belgium, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) and Schneider France
according to International Standard NEN-EN-IEC 61914:2009
– flame resitant acc. to VDE 0304, part 3, class II A
– glowing wire test acc. to IEC 695-2-1
Technial data
Flexure strength: 210 N/mm²
Tensile strength: 120 N/mm²
Temperature limits: permanent application from-50°C to +120°C; brief heating up to 220°C
Mechanical strength: from 20.000 N up to 84.000 N.
Initial torque for fastening bolts, nuts, screws: 5-8 Nm (depends on cable manufacturer´s prescription).